Atheis is a fetish

Secular and religious views of life -- and death -- can be radically different. Susan Walsh, Hooking Up Smart: Maybe he needs to be just as worried about Muslims as they love to toss gays from the roof tops just to watch them splatter. It needs to have the title of the blog, "Greta Christina's Blog," in pretty big letters. He's asking in a way that makes it obvious what he thinks the answer will be -- whatever the reason is, it must be bad, bad, bad. And here it is, as promised -- video of me singing karaoke.

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Atheists Have an Anti-Muslim Bigotry Problem

Glad I cleared that up. And yet it is a very present historical reality in our postlapsarian times. No not all muslims do as mohammed did, and I am glad of it. Sentiments that many believers find comforting -- such as Heaven and Hell, or God's plan for life and death -- are, for many non-believers, more than just ideas they don't agree with. God mucked up when he saved Noah. I am not anti Muslim I am anti sharia!!!! You can join Grief Beyond Belief by going to the Facebook group and clicking the "like" button.

Atheism Analyzed: The Fetish of Scientism & the Speed of Light

Strangely, Coates echoes the atheistic outlook of libertarians like Ayn Rand who denied the possibility of collective redemption since people were fundamentally driven by self-interest. There are cultural issues involved too. That kind of deity I could get behind. Thinking out loud since Though, again, given sufficient evidence I would of course change my position. I mean, a disassembled clock? And the reasons for this are glaringly obvious.
Not only are Sikhism and Islam two separate religions, but insinuating a brown person with a head wrap is a terrorist is just as racist as suggesting an African-American boy with a hoodie is a thug. What is this blog for -- and what isn't it for? The book is matter of fact and straightforward, not vitriolic or firebrand in its atheism. As regular readers already know, this blog is going to be migrating. Jim DeMint prepares to leave the U.

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