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This is true between different laboratories, and even within the same laboratory. Yet even the semen is a potentially dangerous milieu for the sperm; any sperm that remain in the semen for more than two hours are likely to deteriorate. Many sperm can be seen attempting to enter the egg in competition with the one that made it first, but their efforts are in vain. It is associated with infertility and may lead to tubal blockage and pelvic pain. Ovulation then occurs normally thirtyeight to forty-eight hours after the beginning of this LH surge. The gonadal hormone released by the pituitary gland that acts as a messenger of the ovary or testicles, telling them to ripen one or more follicles in the female and to produce sperm in the male.
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Intracytoplasmic Sperm Injection: ICSI

The spindle-shaped array of microtubules which hold the chrosomes 23 pairs during mitotic division. For practical purposes the fertility cycle is divided into three phases: The vagina is an elastic canal, about four to five inches long. The length of the menstrual cycle is measured from the first day of one period first day of a fresh red bleed until the day before the next period starts. Ultrasound and hormone blood tests provide the strongest evidence of ovulation. It begins with ovulation and ends with menses.
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Just prior to ovulation it becomes almost optically clear, although it is translucent at other times. It is our opinion that sperm test results should not be presented to patients by way of a five minute telephone conversation. Just prior to ovulation, under the effect of the female hormone estrogen, mucus production rises tenfold, and the water content of the mucus increases. While the male produces billions of sperm every week, the female matures only one of her existing eggs for ovulation each month. So nature must provide some mechanism for providing a continuous flow of healthy sperm to the site of fertilization. It suppresses the pituitary, which suppresses ovarian function, putting the body into a state similar to menopause. It was thought that this process of capacitation could occur only in the fluids of the female reproductive tract while the sperm migrated toward the egg.
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The cell membrane of the egg. The term used by ethicists to denote the stage from fertilization to about two weeks after implantation when the fetal plate forms and when the implanted pregnancy can no longer split into more than one individual. The pituitary, rather than being stimulated to release FSH and LH, would become completely paralyzed after two to five days and would no longer secrete any FSH or LH until the constant release of GnRH was stopped and regular pulsatile ninety-minute secretion was resumed. Abnormalities may generate explanations for recurrent pregnancy loss, premature ovarian failure, primary amenorrhea and low or absent sperm counts. Viscosity is measured after complete liquefaction has occured. The alkalinity of the semen the fluid that contains the sperm , as well as the alkalinity of the cervical mucus, allows the sperm to survive in this difficult vaginal milieu.
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